Tips For Hiring Catering or Grazing Boxes

15 Oct 2019 | |

You are probably guilty of checking for reviews of restaurants online. At least a few testimonies of unpleasant food can save you the heartbreak. Good food can easily make you forget the delayed customer service or any other mishaps you witnessed. However, horrible food overshadows even the best customer service or response. 

The same applies to hire a catering corporate for your event. Poorly prepared food will make people note the smallest errors. However, good food will make the guests forget all the flaws that occurred during the day. That is how crucial it is to choose the best catering corporate. How do you know they will be perfect in their job?

1. Evaluating Your Attendees Dietary Needs

Unlike decades ago, people today are very critical of what they put in their mouths. To ensure your guests will enjoy the party, it's is crucial that you meet most people's dietary needs and provide alternatives for the guests that may have special diet needs. Ask your caterer on the ways they will use to ensure your menu is a balanced diet and what options to those who are vegetarian or vegan.

2. Know Your Budget

Catering will always have creative techniques that will make the food more delicious or appealing. Nevertheless, your budget is the dictator. When searching for the right caterer take a look at what types of cheese and food platters which they have available, this website has many pictures showing off what their antipasto platters offer. Once you have seen a caterer which you think will be well suited, try find their prices online or you might need to fill out a form for a free quote. This should ensure you don't spend over your budget and  you also receive something that you like.

3. Ask to Taste Their Meal before Booking

It is now time to scrutinise the services you will get. Do they prepare the food before the guest's arrival and store them in a hot box? Or do they prefer to start and complete all food preparation at the event venue? You should also ask to have a taste of their food. It will help you to avoid taste surprises, which may ruin your entire event. Also, you will get to know if you enjoy the temperature they will present the food at. Since the party is also about making everything eye catching, get to know their arrangement or presentation ideas.

4. References

Wouldn't you want proof of the catering services the corporate provides? Feel free to ask your friends or check out online reviews before you commit to a company. It's very common for caterers to have their grazing boxes posted all over their website or instagram, check out their pages or visit this one for more information on what's included in a typical grazing box and what to look out for. While checking out their website you will also be able to see glimpses of the type of events they have handled. If they are similar to the type of event you are hosting then you can be confident they have experience.

5. Special Diet

Your meal should be accommodating to most people, if not all. You will likely have people who have allergies, are dieting, or have a religious food restriction. You should thus, provide variety of meals to ensure they enjoy the party as well.

You should also add flavours to bring meaning to the cultural or the lifestyle of the guests. An event with a particular ethnic theme can be fun. You can use various cuisines to achieve the theme. For instance, you could go Italian or go Greek.

7. Be Keen on the Caterers You Hire

You aren't hiring a catering corporate for the food only. You also need assurance that the guest will enjoy the catering services. Thus you need to be keen on the staff who will work at your event. Do they have experience working in the same role? How many supervisors will come to the event? How many caterers will be attending your party?