Let Them Eat Cake

Every now and then I have the opportunity to make a beautiful cake for someone special. In this case it was for two people. On Saturday Christie and Nathan tied the knot after a whirlwind romance (how romantic) and I had the honour of making their wedding cake.

A few weeks ago, Christie came to me with a picture of a silhouette cake she’d seen from a London bakery and asked me to recreate it. It seemed simple enough… if you had an e-cutter that you could feed fondant through. I didn’t. But I decided that it would still be possible to do it all by hand. She also gave me some specific silhouettes that were symbolic of their relationship.

The bottom tier featured them as a courting couple. They often visited the local gardens and this scene also includes Christie’s son playing nearby.

Silhouette wedding cake for Christie & Nathan. Details @ www.thepapercaper.com.au

The middle tier features the proposal scene…

Silhouette wedding cake for Christie & Nathan. Details @ www.thepapercaper.com.au

… and the top tier features the wedding ceremony.

Silhouette wedding cake for Christie & Nathan. Details @ www.thepapercaper.com.au

And here it is in full.

Silhouette wedding cake for Christie & Nathan. Details @ www.thepapercaper.com.au

I was glad to hear that they loved it.

If you’d like to see more of my cakes, visit my album here.

We’ll return to our regular papercraft posts very soon!

Jess x

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New Beginnings – Part 2

Yesterday my blog post was about a sweet little lady, nine months in the making. Today’s blog post has been 70 years in the making!

It all started about 7 weeks ago when I received a phone call from my mum. She asked if I was sitting down. All sorts of things run through your head when you hear that question but she didn’t sound like I should be concerned. Instead, she said something completely unexpected. Grannie is getting married! Yes, her 86 year old mum was engaged… to an 89 year old.

It turns out that they had known each other when they were teenagers and at least she had been sweet on him. She was 16, he 19. Nothing eventuated however and they both went on to marry others with those marriages lasting almost a lifetime. Their spouses have both passed away, leaving them quite lonely. In the last year, they reconnected and a friendship turned into something more via letters and emails. My Grannie (who lived in central Queensland) decided to come for a holiday. Little did we know that she would not be going home and would be getting married instead!

The wedding was a couple of days ago and it was such a celebration with both extended families so chuffed that these two had found each other again and could enjoy companionship of a spouse once more. Here they are walking themselves down the aisle and the kiss!


I was very honoured to be asked to make the wedding cake. It is a hobby that I don’t often do. With three small people running around my house, it does tend to be quite stressful. But for special family and friends, it is such an honour to be trusted enough to make something for their big day. My brief for this cake was simple and classic with soft, lavender-blue roses. Here is the final product.

Wedding Cake for my Grannie. Details @ www.thepapercaper.com.au

It’s by no means perfect but I hear they liked it so that’s good enough for me!

Back to papercraft on the next post I’m sure…


P.S. If you’d like to see more examples of my cake decorating projects, visit www.facebook.com/cakecaper

Kip’s Caterpillar Party

Happy New Year blog lovers!

I have some fabulous things to share in this post but firstly be warned… there are lots of photos. I’ve read so many posts where the author apologises for pictures but I’m not going to. After all, they say a thousand words and who wants to read all of those?

My eldest son turned 5 a week before Christmas and I had SOOOOO many ideas for an awesome party. It all started with this…

He learnt all about The Very Hungry Caterpillar (TVHC) in term 2 at kinder and for the remainder of the year, he insisted on completing a TVHC colouring in picture every day. I happened upon the same image on Pinterest so luckily for him, we can print it out at home whenever he feels like a kinder flashback.

So, I had my theme. I also had my menu. If you’re not familiar with the book (you must live in a cave and I suggest you run to the nearest bookstore and read it), TVHC eats different foods each day of the week prior to making himself a cocoon and (SPOILER ALERT) becoming a butterfly.

As one does these days, I scoured Pinterest many times to check out what others had come up with for the ultimate TVHC party. My party boy loved looking at all the ideas with me and would often crawl onto my lap and ask if we could look at things to do for his party.


The first thing to do was create some invitations. Pinterest had a range of invites but I decided to do my own thing. I designed a leaf shaped card base and insert with all the particulars and then we used a hot glue gun, pom poms and felt to create our own little TVHC to sit on top of each one.


Setting the Scene

I wanted to copy the candy buffet craze so travelled down that path in terms of table and food layout. Here are a few pics of the end result.


I got loads of my inspiration from Kayla Danelle’s blog, which I found via Pinterest. If you visit her blog, you’ll notice that I virtually copied her Happy Birthday banner exactly because it was so darn cute! As a Stampin’ Up! demo, I fortunately have heaps of cardstock laying around in different colours. I also used the Typeset Alphabet Bigz dies, Autumn Accents Bigz die (for the little leaves), adhesives and hemp twine (retired). I found the images for the food labels here at Make It Cozee and there are loads more printables there as well. The font didn’t quite suit my scheme so I re-made them a little. I used the Windows framelits from Stampin’ Up! to cut out the label and background dots. They are either adhered to glass jars or I adhered toothpicks to them and made little label picks.

I fell in love with the little glass jars (Kayla Danelle) and after a big search for similar glass or plastic jars, settled on these from The Little Big Company here in Melbourne. I also purchased the straws, lollipops and bamboo forks from there. You may not be able to see the printing on the forks. I stamped the handles with “but he was still hungry” using some more trusty Stampin’ Up! products.


OK, so here’s where people think I went a little crazy. I had a brilliant idea to make my boys TVHC t-shirts, each with their age matching food on them. So here are my little misters, DS5, DS2 & DS1 in their 5 oranges, 2 pears and 1 apple t-shirts.

Aww, aren’t they just the cutest??


Next up was cake time. I had such fun making this cake. It was inspired by 2 different cakes on Pinterest – neither of which I could find the original source so apologies creators, I can’t link to you 😦

I changed it a little because neither Pinterest cake (or any I could find for that matter) had all the caterpillar’s food included and once I was on a roll, I just couldn’t stop until I had made it all. The cake was a bit of a challenge because I normally make wedding cakes with roll-out fondant but what 5 year old wants to eat that?? So, I went the buttercream route and wasn’t quite perfect to say the least. I love that you can see my wedding cake inspired cascade of food items down the tiers, just as I have done with flowers in the past.

It started raining a little so please excuse the little shiny drops of water. Sugar-crafted food doesn’t like rain very much!


The party bags were a little something extra to take home and I wanted them to fit the theme too. Of course after TVHC had his fill of food, he turned into a beautiful butterfly. So I made a basic toddler craft, paper towel butterflies with a peg centre which obviously not only suited the theme but could hold the bag closed as well.


I wanted the party bags to contain fun as opposed to just another handful of sugar, so I included a DIY playdough TVHC kit (also inspired by Kayla Danelle). I was so happy when I found out that my little neices had spent the rest of the day making little caterpillars!


Last but definitely not least is probably my favourite party thing of all. I had been itching to use these little skinny treat bags from Stampin’ Up! and was thinking of doing something for Christmas but didn’t want to do the usual old thing. Solution: turn them into caterpillars for the party. Being Christmas, I was lucky to get a giant tub of perfectly coloured red and green m&m’s and went to work. The googly eyes are self adhesive and are from Stampin’ Up! and look to retire at the end of Jan 😦 I’ve already stocked up on a few packets ‘cos they are oh so handy!

Too gosh darn cute for words!


If you’ve read this far, I salute you! I hope you’ve been inspired and are already planning the fun caterpillar-y things you’ll create for your little one’s special day!


Happy crafting,

Jess x

P.S. You can order any of the Stampin’ Up! items through me if something has taken your fancy, or why not just join my team and have discounted products at your fingertips?