Beautiful Bec’s Birthday

I have this friend who is a little bit awesome! She is so encouraging and supportive and I just love her. We met through Stampin’ Up! and just hit it off. Although we live two states away, we chat nearly every day, see each other at SU events and have been roomies a couple of times as well. Recently she celebrated a birthday… and I missed it. Oops. Well I didn’t really miss it. I knew it was her birthday because she shares it with one of my sons. This year we hosted a 5th birthday party for him and I was busy. Apparently too busy to get a card in the mail. Eeeek. So I had some making up to do.

I wanted to do a beautiful belated birthday card and as I’m currently infatuated with watercolour, I thought I’d start there with a background. I decided to watercolour onto vellum. I’d recently seen a few stunning projects on Pinterest but there weren’t really many tips or instructions. So I just had a play and used the ol’ trial and error system. In the end, I used Isocol (rubbing alcohol) mixed with a drop or two of my desired ink refill colours. In this case it was Strawberry Slush and Daffodil Delight. Then I just used a paintbrush and painted and blended away. I’m a bit impatient so I used my heat tool to speed up the drying process. You can always add more colour at this point and then dry again.

I loved the result and the only problems with using vellum were that it curled up during the watercolour process and you can see almost all adhesive through the vellum. So I needed to get creative. Well not too creative as I simply resorted to one of my favourite things… sewing on cards. A simple running stitch around the edge of the vellum and some Whisper White cardstock did the trick. The Whisper White makes the colours pop and now I could use whatever adhesive I liked to adhere the white card to the base.

I used the Kraft 12″x12″ cardstock (swoon) as my base and then simply accessorised the front. The sentiment is not a stamp, rather hand lettered, borrowing the Cantoni font (my most favourite).

Stampin' Up! watercolour on vellum. Details @

Hope you like it. I’m just a little bit in love with it. Obviously, this one’s not available in my Etsy store but there are some other beauties, plus, I imagine you’ll see some similar cards popping in there soon 😉

Jess x

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