New Beginnings – Part 2

Yesterday my blog post was about a sweet little lady, nine months in the making. Today’s blog post has been 70 years in the making!

It all started about 7 weeks ago when I received a phone call from my mum. She asked if I was sitting down. All sorts of things run through your head when you hear that question but she didn’t sound like I should be concerned. Instead, she said something completely unexpected. Grannie is getting married! Yes, her 86 year old mum was engaged… to an 89 year old.

It turns out that they had known each other when they were teenagers and at least she had been sweet on him. She was 16, he 19. Nothing eventuated however and they both went on to marry others with those marriages lasting almost a lifetime. Their spouses have both passed away, leaving them quite lonely. In the last year, they reconnected and a friendship turned into something more via letters and emails. My Grannie (who lived in central Queensland) decided to come for a holiday. Little did we know that she would not be going home and would be getting married instead!

The wedding was a couple of days ago and it was such a celebration with both extended families so chuffed that these two had found each other again and could enjoy companionship of a spouse once more. Here they are walking themselves down the aisle and the kiss!


I was very honoured to be asked to make the wedding cake. It is a hobby that I don’t often do. With three small people running around my house, it does tend to be quite stressful. But for special family and friends, it is such an honour to be trusted enough to make something for their big day. My brief for this cake was simple and classic with soft, lavender-blue roses. Here is the final product.

Wedding Cake for my Grannie. Details @

It’s by no means perfect but I hear they liked it so that’s good enough for me!

Back to papercraft on the next post I’m sure…


P.S. If you’d like to see more examples of my cake decorating projects, visit


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