CASEing the Catty… is AWESOME

We’re CASEing the kids section this week at A task which I found surprisingly difficult given I have 3 boys. For some reason I only own one stamp set in the whole section so selecting a card to CASE was more difficult than I thought it would be. At first, I was going to use the MDS lunch box notes (you should check them out – they’re so cute) but then I decided on the ultimate stamp for kids… one that I made WITH my son.

My Mr 6 is very crafty and is also very much into all things Lego and The Lego Movie. When I suggested we design a Lego man stamp, he thought it was great. I started to draw it out onto the rubber but then he asked if he could have a go. We erased my work (so easy when you’re drawing on rubber!) and he got to work. Once he was finished, I used the rubber carving tools from the Undefined kit to carve it for him.

I then decided to CASE the robot card on page 86 of the (South Pacific) catalogue but replaced the featured stamp with our new Lego man. I grabbed a little Lego dude from our collection and copied his clothing and face. I found the best accompanying stamp >>>AWESOME<<< on the Make Note Rotary Stamp. If you’ve seen the Lego movie, you’ll know why it was just perfect!


CASEing is so awesome. Details @ & is so awesome. Details @ &


Hope you enjoyed this week’s creation. I’m so thrilled that my initial hesitation in CASEing the kids section turned out featuring the best kids stamp ever – one that a kid made!

Make sure you visit the challenge blog and play along too!





4 thoughts on “CASEing the Catty… is AWESOME

  1. Dearest Jess!!!
    you got it lovely!! This card is totally AWESOME!!! In fact i could say that everything about it is awesome!!! WOW really your son did that Lego man!!! Must get one of those undified stamp sets….. my 10 year old son would LOVE IT!!! HOw cool is that card to case too!!! AWESOME!!
    SMiles Sharnee 🙂

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