It’s my birthday and I’ll… CASE the Catty if I want to

Welcome to birthday week at It makes the Type A in me thrilled that challenge Birthday week lined up with my own birthday! Now that you know that little tidbit, you’ll understand why I chose the projects I did to CASE this week.

Am I the only one that LOVES creating party decorations? I don’t think so. These days, most kids are celebrating every birthday with some type of party, be it big or small. I love that Stampin’ Up! makes it so easy to create party essentials so easily that any mum can be a star. There are supplies for making banners, cupcake picks, gorgeous gift wrapping ideas and my personal favourite – lolly bags! Hooray!

This week I was inspired by the lolly bags on page 44 of the (South Pacific) catalogue. I love how Stampin’ Up! have used a creative idea to make their sample bags – inking an embossing folder and stamping with that. I decided to use a similar idea but instead of stamping with an embossing folder, I used the eraser on the end of a pencil. My design was inspired by the stamp set Dotty Angles which is still on my wish list. Not to worry, you can create a similar effect with the pencil eraser. Simply ink it up and dot onto cello bags. To create the same effect, you’ll need to do lots of dots at the bottom of the bag and gradually spread them out. Of course, you could also create fun polka dot designs using the same ink and eraser method.



I then filled the bags with lollies and tied them up with various ribbons, some of which I korked in the oven (wind ribbon around a dowel, secure with pegs and bake in a VERY slow oven for about 30 mins). The Amazing Birthday stamp set supplied me with cute tags which I tied on with Baker’s Twine. I just love the suggested colour combo on page 45 for birthdays so I didn’t change a thing.

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! Details @ and

I was also inspired by the Mason jars on page 42 and made some different lolly ‘bags’. I was lucky enough to grab these tiny Mason jars from a school stall selling homemade relish (yes I bought 5 or 6 just for the jars). I used the banner stamp from Amazing Birthday and cut out the words and mounted them with foam Stampin’ Dimensionals. Yep, still lovin’ that colour combo – it just says HAPPY! The little lolly jar is actually a spice jar from IKEA. They are called RAJTAN Spice jars and come in a pack of 4 for just $2.49! I grabbed a box last time I was there not knowing what I would use them for but I think they suit this project perfectly! I used some Sweet Sadie washi tape around the lid and then stamped, punched and cut elements and layered for the outside of the lid. Did you notice I also stamped the jar with my eraser/ink method? When you use StazOn (white), you can stamp on just about anything!


Well, thanks for stopping by. Make sure you visit for more birthday inspiration and maybe even play along! I’m off to eat my lollies… because it’s my birthday… and I can!




P.S. Jess’s changing the world postscript: You may not have noticed but the lollies I’ve used for my bags are free from harmful chemical additives. We’re a low to no additive family because I’ve seen the difference additives make to my kids’ behaviour. They’re just regular kids but certain ‘numbers’ make them lose control of their behaviour, become hyperactive and fight more with each other, and who wants that?? We’re on a family journey (and we’re nowhere near food perfect) because it’s better for us all. If you’re interested in learning more about what is in the food we eat and what additives have been shown to cause, do a little Internet research. I started here, and here 🙂 Look, you can still have lollies!



3 thoughts on “It’s my birthday and I’ll… CASE the Catty if I want to

  1. Oh wow!!! Jess. Firstly, Happy Birthday week to you. So glad the challenge matched up. Your projects are amazing. Love the technique for the dotty bags and jar. Awesome CASE-ing from the catty.

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