Carving It Up

So about a year ago, Stampin’ Up! came up with this greta new idea called Undefined. Essentially, it’s a carve your own stamp kit. It comes with two carving tools, some wooden blocks, carving rubber and mounting foam, a marker and instructions. I was excited and then I wasn’t. It seemed like such a fun idea so I had a go. I carved a flower… which ended up looking a little like a cabbage. Ooops! Since then, I’ve seen MANY amazing works of art on Stampin’ Up!’s Undefined Pinterest page (check it out – you will be amazed) and I’ve been inspired to get back on the horse.

I’ve wanted to carve some stamps for my kids and recently my middle son weas introduced to Peep and the Big Wide World at kinder. He loves the characters and so do I. So I set about carving some for him. There are three main characters, Peep, Chirp and Quack. Line drawn birds… how hard can it be? My first bird Chirp ended up looking a bit grumpy, Peep looks pretty good and by the time I got to Quack, I was very happy with my carving. My Mr. 4 is looking forward to taking them to kinder tomorrow to share the stamping love with his friends. Now that is an outcome I’m thrilled about.


Undefined Peep and the big Wide World. Details @

Here is a picture of what they are supposed to look like!


Not tooooooo bad. Perhaps I’ll have another go at Chirp now that I’m a pro 😉

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself an Undefined kit and get carving!






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