Two ways to Ombré

OK, I’m sure there are many ways to produce an ombré effect but I’m showcasing two methods in this post. For both my ombré cards, I’ve used Canvas Creations. I’ve had it for a while, knowing I wanted to try something a bit different with it but hadn’t yet decided what… until now. I decided to celebrate Midnight Muse which will retire soon. The first card shows a dipping method. Grab an old container and mix some rubbing alcohol with a few drops of reinker. You want it to be fairly pale at this stage. Dip almost the entire canvas sheet into the dye. I used my heat tool to dry it off quickly. Add one or two more drops of reinker into the rubbing alcohol and dip again, leaving more of the canvas dry. Repeat this process until you’ve dyed all your canvas and it is as dark as you would like it. Embellish.

Note: I just LOVE how this card turned out looking like distant mountains, reaching into the sky!


Ombré on canvas v1. Details @


Card number two uses a different method and you can see the colour change is much more gradual. For this card I used a Stampin’ Spritzer. Fill the spritzer with rubbing alcohol and a drop of reinker. Spray surface of canvas. Add another drop or two of reinker to the spritzer. Spray canvas again, this time leaving the top unsprayed. Repeat this process until you’ve achieved your desired ombré effect.


Ombré on canvas v2. Details @


You may wish to try some other methods such as using Aqua Painters or cardstock. It’s all about having fun, experimenting and getting very inky fingers!

Jess x



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