Ideas for Easter

I don’t think I have ever decorated for Easter before but I had such a great time creating lovely things at Christmas that I thought I would have a play day and see what I could come up with for Easter.

I definitely wanted to decorate some eggs but I didn’t really want to use real eggs. My eldest son had a play date so there was no going to the shops either. Brainwave! I’d create some myself using salt dough (see here for my Christmas salt dough tags blog post) and my trusty egg mould. I even happened upon some info that if you didn’t want to wait 3 days for your salt dough to air dry (definitely me) or even 3-4 hours for them to slow cook in the oven (me again), you could zap them in the microwave for a couple of minutes. I need to stress here, they only need a couple of minutes! Ask me how I know!! Once dry, I set about decorating them. One egg was coated in Tombow and rolled in the fabulous Champagne Glass Glitter and finished with white Baker’s Twine. Another was wrapped in gold Sequin Trim. This one was so easy. Just poke a pin through the centre of a few sequins to hold them in place. Lastly, I papier machè-d the third egg using Creped Filter Paper and finished it with gold Baker’s Twine. They are nestled amongst strips of Stampin’ Up!’s brown packing paper.

To decorate my jar, I wanted a very simple tag (as the eggs are the star of the show) and simply created a tag using the Scalloped Tag Topper Punch. I then printed a cute bunny from MDS (it’s a stamp from the Little Additions stamp brush set) and cut it out with a scalpel.

Lastly, whilst browsing for Easter ideas, I came across these oh so adorable bunny ear napkin rings. These are so easy and all you need is some 1 1/4″ Burlap Ribbon, a cardboard tube, a hot glue gun and some scissors. Cut some pieces of burlap ribbon about 2″ long and shape one end to look like ears. Then scrunch the bottom end and glue so the ‘scrunch’ holds. Repeat for second ear. Cut the cardboard tube into a couple of approximately 1″ pieces. Wrap the ribbon around and secure with hot glue. Squeeze some glue onto the end of one bunny ear and press down onto your burlap ring. Repeat for second ear and you’re done. Super easy. I followed a tutorial from the Dreaming In Color blog here. Just remember that as the Stampin’ Up! ribbon is finished so nicely on the edges, there’s no need to follow her step about wrapping the cardboard ring on the sides.

Easter display. Details @

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Easter projects. I’m definitely on a roll now though so I think tomorrow may perhaps just be another day to play and create!

Jess x



6 thoughts on “Ideas for Easter

  1. Amazing!!! Those eggs look so special and are definitely the star of the show, especially my fave, the glass glitter one. TFS ❤

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