Card-in-a-box Crazy! – part two

Welcome to part two of my card-in-a-box blog. I’m so excited to share my Angry Birds card-in-a-box which I made for my now Mr 4’s birthday. He has a love of all things Angry Birds and I knew he would just love a special card for his birthday. I began the process by making some punch art Angry Birds. I visited a couple of different blogs for inspiration (Niki Toll & Ros Davidson) but had to make a few tweaks as my little Angry Bird lovers insist that they have the correct amount of crest and tail feathers etc. (how do they even know??). I even created my own Stella bird as I couldn’t find one and was very impressed with myself because I am NOT a punch artist!

After the birds and pigs were created, I could get an idea of what size my box needed to be. It’s quite large. I used two A4 sheets for this card and it’s about 14cm (5.5″) square. I then got to creating a background and built a ‘level’ of blocks for the piggies. These blocks were adhered to a window sheet which gave it some strength and allowed it to stand upright without having to be attached to the backing piece. After that it was just a matter of adhering the birds and slingshot and deciding that one of the blues would be mid air (thanks to a piece of window sheet). In fact, the hardest part of the whole process was deciding on which designer series paper would suit the card best for the box flaps. I was so pleased that the best fit were papers from the I Am Me pack which is my favourite in this year’s catalogue.


I’m pleased to report that he loved it. Phew!

Jess x


2 thoughts on “Card-in-a-box Crazy! – part two

  1. Great work!

    My son is a big fan of angry birds too. Wonder if you can share some tips for making those characters? Million thanks.


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