I {heart} chevron

Have I told you chevron is my thing? I just LOVE it! You know how in every new catalogue there’s a stamp that you just cannot live without and no matter what happens, you’re ordering it on day 1? For me, that stamp was Positively Chevron – my must have. It’s such a fun stamp and so useful. These first cards were a batch of thank you cards I made using tinted spritzers and watercolour paper. Just drop a couple of drops of re-inker into a spritzer and spray directly onto the stamp. Repeat with the desired amount of colour. You can get your wood mount stamp nice and stained with this technique! Ah the horror. I can hear some people falling off their chairs right now! You could protect your wood mount block with washi tape if you wanted to. Then simply stamp onto watercolour paper. You can see from my cards that some areas have bled a bit where there was more ink and in some areas, there is no ink at all. I love this effect. There is no right or wrong and they turn out differently every time. Thanks to Shannon West for demonstrating this at convention last year.



This next project was the first card I made with Positively Chevron. Yes, it has taken me a long while to post it up. I’ve since made quite a few using this technique. I embossed the chevron using white or clear embossing powder and then sponged colour on. This way you can achieve the ever popular ombre effect or blend as many colours as you like. Why wouldn’t you finish it off with some chevron ribbon to match?

1062644_10152548104586686_574124154_n copyJess x


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