My Moustache-d Men

My sister is heading overseas to study and had an ‘Around the World’ themed farewell party. After a few different ideas, we settled on a French theme for our little family. We rummaged up enough red, white and blue striped clothing items and then hit the bargain shops for a couple of berets, suspenders and of course a packet of faux moustaches for my little men. Whilst my littlest mister wasn’t keen on wearing one, my two big boys couldn’t wait to be just like Mario and Luigi and donned one each happily. I just love these photos. They make me laugh!

Scrapping the memories in MDS was so easy. An Eiffel Tower, suitcases and luggage tags ready to go. I quickly whipped up a little French flag and then remembered there just might be a moustache download available. After a little bit of searching (hint to us UK English speaking countries… search for mustache, not moustache!) I found the Many Mustaches stamp brush set. The perfect touch to my page!


Don’t have MDS yet? (You really should!!!). Try it for FREE – download here.

Jess x



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