Treats for your sweet

Stampin’ Up! are getting me organised for Valentine’s Day early with an adorable range of LOVEly new products. There are stamp sets, a single stamp, card kits and my favourite, the too-cute-for-words Sweetheart Treat bag kits. I’m a sucker for paper bags and I have some great ideas to show you so that you can see, they’re not just paper bags, they are all sorts of different, fun things! Having said that, as soon a I saw them I thought what cute party favour bags they would make for little girls and if I had one of those, I would probably stock up for the next 17 years or so.

Getting back on track. Below you’ll see seven projects made with the Sweetheart Treat bag kits.

Project 1: How you’re meant to do it! The kit contains instructions for a basic bag with cute label. Follow them, and you’ll end up with something like project 1. I used the XOXO stamp from ‘Oh, Goodie!’ but you could use your own Valentine’s stamp.

Project 2: Cupid’s arrow bag. I’ve scored down the sides of the bag and turned it into a sack. Too cute… and LOVE that glimmer paper!

Project 3: Again, my bag has been turned into a little sack and then an adorable shirt with tie! All you need to do is trim off the decorative zig-zag top and then fold over about an inch. Trim in on each side under the fold and you’ll then be able to fold in the edges on an angle to make a collar. Secure with glue dots (make sure you’ve filled it first!). Then cut a tie shape from some DSP (I used the Et Cetera DSP) and adhere.

Project 4: The ‘pretty’ one. I just love me some doilies. Super quick and easy variation. Just add a doily and rearrange the stamp and tag.

Project 5: Sour cream container or a treat bag with a twist! The bags are quite petite but turning them into a sour cream container really gives them some volume. You could fit a larger object in this version.

Project 6: Origami heart. I love that this heart has a slit at the bottom so can be slipped over a little love note or even your sweetheart’s morning coffee cup rim. Genius. You can find the origami instructions here.

Project 7: Little love album. You’ll have a few bags left over after making all of these so what better use than to bind them together to create an album. You can have as many or few pages as you like. I made mine square so put a score line at the 3.5″ mark and folded the excess over. The second page actually has the open end facing outwards so that a note or voucher can be slipped inside. When you’ve got all but one of your pages ready, trim the last page at 3.5″ and slide all the excess ends into the opening. This way, all the scrappy bits will be hidden inside one of the pages. Neat!


Hope you enjoyed all my sweet projects. You may have noticed that I’ve used similar products in each project and that’s because the kit contains 12 x (adorable) treat bags, 12 x die-cut labels and 12 x pre-cut (generous) lengths of baker’s twine. And the whole kit is only $8.95! Amazing! Buy from my online store here!

Happy Valentine’s project making!


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