Happy New Year – Stampin’ Up! style

Happy New Year!

It seems fitting today to reflect a little and share why I love having Stampin’ Up! in my life. My Stampin’ Up! story is pretty simple. Girl likes craft. Girl meets SU. Girl joins SU. Girl unexpectedly finds she doesn’t mind running workshops and teaching others about papercraft. Girl finds there’s more to this than making a quick buck (although that is an awesome perk).

Through the three and a half odd years that I’ve been a demonstrator, I’ve had some ups and downs. The ups are fabulous and include meeting some great new friends who love what I love (and ‘get it’), having extra pocket money to spend guilt free just on me, I’ve got some amazing customers, some who I’ve been seeing regularly for over three years. I’ve also managed to promote several times and my biggest SU accomplishment thus far was presenting at convention last year. It was amazing.

The downs were not so great. I lost my youngest brother in late 2011. He was just 23 and I was devastated. In fact, I still am. I took some time off and I just didn’t feel creative at all. Little by little, I did some crafting here and there and it helped. Being creative and doing something you love is healing. I know there are many other demonstrators who are in similar situations. Some having lost someone or something, others who care for children with special needs and craft is their time out and space to recharge.

Today I wanted to share Stampin’ Up!’s Statement of the Heart. It’s like a mission statement only better. My very favourite thing about Stampin’ Up! is that it’s not all about climbing the career ladder or making the most sales, the most important thing is making a difference. The Statement of the Heart is almost like a challenge. Am I loving what I do? You betcha. Am I sharing what I love? I try to. Am I helping others enjoy creativity? I think so. In this we make a difference. My goal this year in my Stampin’ Up! business is to find opportunities to help others find and enjoy their creativity. At the very least, I hope a handmade card reassures them that they are loved and special. I hope to make a difference in 2014.

My version of the Statement of the Heart was created in MDS for my team members. I was inspired to have a copy on my desk to remind me to focus on what’s important and I wanted them to have a copy too.


Statement of the Heart-001_watermarked

Best wishes for an amazing 2014!

Jess x


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