Taggin’ Bags

Whenever I deliver orders, I love to bag them up and attach personalised tags. It makes it super easy for the hostess to distribute each guest’s order and they look so pretty! I hope it also inspires my customers to create their own tags for gifts etc. or gain ideas for using specific products that I’ve used.

I try to craft the tags whilst I’m waiting for the big brown box to arrive but sometimes I just don’t get the time and it’s here before I’m ready. I certainly don’t want to make my hostesses and customers wait any longer for their orders because if they’re anything like me, they’ll have been dreaming of what they’re going to create with their orders and are just itching to get them in their hands. When a problem like this arises, I have the answer! MDS!

It’s just SO easy to create a tag template in minutes on MDS, then print, punch a hole and attach. I created the tags below with the Jingle and Joy digital kit (my Christmas fave) and I hope they showed off just how useful MDS can be. The best part is that you can try MDS absolutely free with the 30-day FREE trial! Woohoo. I know you’ll love it just as much as I do!


Happy (speed) crafting!

Jess x


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