Creped Filter Paper Rose Tutorial

Read on for instructions to make my rose using Stampin’ Up! Creped Filter Paper, as shown in the Demonstrator Theater at the South Pacific convention.

Note: Apparently my little old point and click Canon doesn’t really like to focus on filter paper so I apologise for the quality of some of the photos. Have popped in my request to hubby for an upgrade for my upcoming significant birthday!

You will need Creped Filter Paper, Floral Frames Collection Framelits & Big Shot, Paper Snips, Aqua Painter, Reinker in your choice of colour (I used Raspberry Ripple), wire, florist tape and a skewer or toothpick.


Cut one flower using the largest framelit die. Cut one and one half flowers using the second largest framelit die.


Using your paper snips, cut the half flower in half, then partially snip between petals (see picture below) to create joined petals. Repeat for remaining piece.


Snip smaller full flower in half, then snip off one petal completely. Partial snip between three remaining petals. Repeat for second half. Snip full large flower into two pieces, one having three petals, the other, five petals. Partial snip between petals. You should now have 2 x small single petals, 2 x small double petals, 2 x small triple petals, 1 x large triple petal and 1 x large group of five petals.


To make flower, start with single petal and lay wire on top.

Note: I used 28 guage wire doubled because that’s what I had. If you used a stronger wire, a single piece would suffice.


Fold over wire and roll creating centre or rose.


Tape in place with florist tape, remembering to stretch tape to release tack.


Continue to wrap petals around wire, filling in gaps and taping at base after each layer. Start with single petals, then doubles, triples etc. until you have wrapped the final five petal piece around the entire flower.


You should end up with something that looks like this…


Now for the fun part! Colour your flower with your tinted aqua painter (simply fill with water and add desired amount of reinker). Don’t be too careful, just splash it on and try to cover all of the white creped filter paper. Once dry, you can repeat with a second colour to create a dual coloured rose.


Once your rose is dry, it will look like this.


To shape rose, pull back petals until you can access the centre petals. Using your skewer or toothpick, curl sides of each petal toward the outside/underside of the rose. Repeat for each petal.


To finish, be sure to wrap the rest of the stem with florist tape, add calyx and some leaves. Now step back and admire your handiwork!


I hope you enjoyed making your Creped Filter Paper rose! Why not make some more and display them in your home or give them as a gift to someone special. I gifted one to each member of my team at convention. Here they are, all ready to go…


Happy crafting!

Jess x


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