Bright Lights and Big Stages

A few months ago, I had an AWESOME phone call from the lovely Sophie at the Stampin’ Up! Sydney office asking if I would be interested in presenting at the 2013 Stampin’ Up! convention. Let me think for a millisecond… um, YES!!! This was actually a huge goal for me and not something I thought I would be doing within 3 years of becoming a demo.


My task was to create some projects to help with finding new customers. My amazing and inspiring upline Tracy suggested projects to show at a catalogue launch. I thought it through and agreed. I could come up with something along those lines. I was off and running!


The next couple of months were filled with thinking, planning and creating and it all came to fruitiion yesterday on the main stage at the ‘Be the Difference’ convention. Here are some piccies of me in the bright lights…




I know some of you are waiting for a tutorial or two for recreating my projects but you’ll just have to be patient a little longer! I’ll post them in a few days but for now, I’m looking after my pearls, my little misters 5, 3 & 1 who have suffered a little bit of crafty mummy neglect lately.


Check back soon for tutorials, subscribe to my blog here and they’ll come straight to your inbox when they’re posted or you can find me on facebook here to follow my blog posts too!


Happy crafting,

Jess x


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