3D Poinsettia Tutorial

Well, you asked for it, so here it is… a tutorial for replicating my Poinsettias, as showcased at the Melbourne Stampin’ Up! Heartfelt event.

Disclaimer: I have neither tutorial making equipment nor a tutorial making manicure, so please do your best to concentrate on the papercraft!

Without further ado, I bring you your guide to a poinsettia crazed Christmas.


You will need:

– Cardstock (beginner) and/or DSP

– Blossom Petal Builder punch

– VersaMark

– French Foliage stamp set

– Tombow mutlipurpose adhesive

– Bone Folder

– Stampin’ Dazzle marker (gold)

– Basic Pearls

– Florist Tape (cut for half width is easier)

– Florist Wire (I used 30 guage)

– Wire Cutters/Pliers


Step 1: To create the buds, sandwich a piece of wire between two medium sized pearls. The adhesive from the pearls will stick to the wire and each other. Colour the pearl with the Stampin’ Dazzle Marker. Tape a small piece of green florist tape near to the bud. Repeat until you have five buds.


Step 2: To punch the leaves, cut cardstock into 4cm strips for the large leaves and 3cm strips for the small leaves. This will reduce wastage when using the punch. Punch 12 x large leaves using the ‘big skinny’ petal and 5 x small leaves using the ‘small skinny’ petal.


Step 3: To add veins to the leaves, stamp puched leaves using VersaMark ink and your leaf of choice from the French Foliage stamp set. For accuracy, you may like to place the leaf on top of the stamp as pictured, rather than stamping traditionally. Repeat for all leaves on both sides.


Step 4: To open the end of the leaf (in order to insert wire), hold the petal in one hand and flick the end using your other thumb. The cardstock fibres will break down and should start to split into layers. Pull two layers about 1cm apart.

Note: If using DSP, you will find this step a little more difficult than cardstock. Keep trying, you’ll get there!


Step 5: Squeeze a very small amount of Tombow into the leaf. Place wire inside and close. Press for a couple of seconds until Tombow begins to dry. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all leaves.


Step 6: To shape leaves, crease the centre of leaf with bone folder and lightly fold to give dimension. Repeat for all leaves.


You should now have something like this… ready to assemble.


Step 7: To assemble flower, bunch buds together in your non-preferred hand. The tackiness of the florist tape should keep them holding reletively together. Add small leaves one by one around bunch of buds lighty bending wire at the base of each leaf. Tape around wires. You’ll probably find that your leaves have moved from the position in which you placed them. This is normal. Simply pull them back into place.


Add next layer of leaves (5 x large) using the same method as above, approximately 1cm below top layer.


Add final layer of leaves (7 x large) using above method. Adjust leaves so they are evenly spaced on each layer.


Step 8: Step back and admire


I hope you enjoyed creating your poinsettia. Check out my previous post for some sample projects using them in various ways.

Please also feel free to let me know if I forgot to mention anything in my first tutorial or if you have any questions.


Happy crafting,

Jess x


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