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  • Kite Surfing for Beginners: A 5-Step Guide

    Kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular. Not only paragliders, windsurfers and skateboarders but also people with average physical fitness are now attracted to Kitesurfing. Although many people are familiar with this water sport, very few know how to exercise it.

    Although fitness is important, it is not necessary to be super-fit to kite surf. If the right kite is used, even a 10-year old kid can do it. Contrary to popular belief, Kitesurfing is pretty easy to learn. It is in fact easier than it looks. If you have experience in wakeboarding or snowboarding, you will learn Kitesurfing quickly. If you start tomorrow you will ride with confidence after 3-4 days. To consolidate the skills, you can practice as much as you wish. After a few days more, you will joyfully ride up wind. By the time you learn how to ride up wind, you will figure out ways to avoid hazards and land safely.

    This 5-step guide will add a new dimension to your kite surf progression. If you follow these steps, you will at least know how to get started. Hopefully there will be no frustration in your early stages.

    Step 1: Get your hands on a trainer kite

     You should get started with a trainer kite because it is relatively small. This kite is only 2-3 meters. Before you even hit the water, you will learn the basics. This kite will help you learn about the power zone and the wind window. For Kitesurfing, you must understand these two things. There are usually 2-4 lines in traction kites. There are some models with 3 lines, and the third line is used for safety. To save your valuable time and money, you should use a trainer kite to learn the basic skills. It will make other things a lot easier.

    Step 2: Use your old skateboard

     There are many similarities in different types of boardsports. If you get good at skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding and surfing, your will find kiteboarding a lot easier. If you are comfortable with the board, you will not have to spend a lot of time learning how to keep your balance when you are on the board. Rather you can just focus on flying. Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing are pretty similar. So if you go to a cable-ski centre and learn how to ride a wakeboard, it will help your Kitesurfing lessons.

    Step 3: Watch some video tutorials

     There are plenty of videos on Kitesurfing, and you can water them. If you start your lessons after watching the videos, you will progress faster. The videos at least help you understand how Kitesurfing works. If you watch a few videos on the same subject, you will learn a lot about it. It is true that nothing can substitute real instructions, but videos are still helpful.

    Step 4: Find a qualified instructor

     This is the most effective ways to learn Kitesurfing. A kite surf instructor will make your learning quick and safe. But the teaching time can be definitely cut short if you take the first 3 steps seriously. You will become reasonably confident if you practice for 3 days, 4 hours each day. If you make mistakes, an instructor will correct them quickly.  In Cairns and Port Douglas, there are some great places to go kitesurfing, you can view some of the spots from this page to get an idea of what to expect while kitesurfing at these locations. Once you've figured out some locations then you should find someone for training. Kitesurfing, being an extreme sport, can be dangerous if you are not very careful. Remember, nothing can replace learning Kitesurfing from a qualified instructor.

    Step 5: Buy some Kitesurfing gear

    If you want to learn Kitesurfing, you can not get very good at it overnight. You should get started with a trainer kite because it is a bit tougher. Yes, you should buy some Kitesurfing gear. But if you have no experience in Kitesurfing, there is no point in buying Kitesurfing gear.  Before you invest in Kitesurfing gear, we recommend you get training form an instructor. Your instructor will help you find high-quality Kitesurfing gear.

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